Your Commitment

Reinforcing Your Commitment

No treatment available for Drug Addiction can guarantee success, the programme provided at Thamkrabok ensures that on discharge from


the Monastery the ex-user is totally free of their addiction having been free of drug use for the term of their stay at Thamkrabok.

It goes without saying that if an ex-user returns to his or her previous life without making any changes they are extremely vulnerable to relapse, particularly where their associates, friends or family members are still using drugs.

East-West Detox, its Trustees and members will accept no responsibility where an ex-user returns to his or her previous habit after returning from Thamkrabok.

Therefore, preparations for the return of the ex-user must be carefully planned and they must include the support of family and friends. A total change of environment for a period will always be a favoured reinforcement whilst the body and mind adjusts to it’s drug free state away from familiar territory and relapse triggers.

The inner strengths of each individual returning from Thamkrabok may vary dramatically but many realise that their lives have been on hold whilst thambrockthey have been addicted, and go forward with no further external assistance.

Others may feel the need for continued assistance in the form of counselling or residential support.. If required this can be arranged through East-West Detox, your medical practitioner or local drugs support groups.