Meditation for adults



These are just a few of the conditions that are prominent in our lives these days and which may cause major health problems. In an age where our lives seem to be accelerating, stress is increasing. It is no wonder that so many of us adult meditationare craving avoidance and escape.

There is increasing evidence to suggest that mindfulness meditation will help to prevent these conditions from re-occurring. This very effective alternative to medication deals with the underlying causes and breaks the habitual patterns we have become used to.

When caught up in a familiar pattern, there is an inability to accept whatever is being felt in the present moment and the mind is constantly wandering onto the next ‘fix’. In the present moment, distressing thoughts and emotions can feel like unwanted guests that we can’t seem to get away from. In our fight to avoid this distress, we actually amplify stress and uncomfortable emotions such as sadness, frustration, irritation, shame, or guilt. This often leads us into a state of mindlessness or auto-pilot, where we are unaware of our environment and more susceptible to triggers, cravings, and urges.

The practice of Mindfulness Meditation provides practical tools that help us become more aware of the attachments, thoughts and triggers that can rule our lives. The discipline of regular meditation practice helps us break free from old habitual patterns and give us the tools to live the lives we want.

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