General Information


The facilities provided at the Monastery are “Thai style” and are very basic even by local standards. You should remember that they were originally built for Thai addicts, so do not expect to find European style bathrooms and comforts. You will sleep in dormitories of varying size for up to 20 people which are situated in a compound with other addicts. Your conduct and response to treatment will be closely monitored during your stay.


You will be spending up to four weeks at the Monastery and while you are there you are required to wear the clothing that will be provided for you. Therefore you only need bring travelling clothes with you. We suggest that you bring underwear and just one change of clothes.


We suggest that you bring a toilet bag containing only essentials for your personal hygiene including soap, towel, and toothpaste. NB: Don’t forget to pack plenty of mosquito repellent.

Cash and Valuables

You will be provided with a security facility on arrival. As previously made clear you will not be permitted to leave the Monastery during the course, therefore we suggest that you bring no more than £50.00 with you.


The law in Thailand is very strict and the penalties for the possession of drugs are harsh. Your treatment commences immediately on your arrival. We can assure you that you will not need that fix. Remember that the treatment you will receive is radical and you will not suffer from the usual withdrawal symptoms associated with other forms of treatment.


For the duration of the course, we require that you accept complete isolation from the outside world. East-West Detox will advise your family of your safe arrival at the Monastery and of your return schedule. In an emergency your relatives and friends may make contact by calling the East-West Detox office on the numbers shown on the title page of this document.


In order to address the problem of dehydration caused by vomiting and the subsequent loss of sodium and potassium, it is recommended that you eat bananas and consume fresh fruit drinks, particularly tomato juice. (NB: Cottage cheese & bananas mixed has been found to relieve depression).

Leisure Time

Your detox treatment will be concentrated during the first five days of your stay at the Monastery, thereafter you will have a lot of free time during which you must remain at the Monastery. The opportunity to engage in some meaningful work and creative activities are offered and you are welcome to bring reading/writing materials with you.


You are expected to comply with the rules of behaviour and respect the views and beliefs of others during your stay at the Monastery.