East-West Detox was established as a charitable trust on 3rd August 1997. The objects of the trust are twofold:

  1. To relieve the sickness and distress of individuals who are addicted or dependant on the use of substances and by doing so, benefit the community through the treatment of addiction and the consequent improvements in public health and reduction in drug related crime; and the rehabilitation of people who have been excluded from society and contribute to the stabilisation of their family life.
  2. To educate the public in the most effective methods for the treatment of addiction and underlying relapsing conditions.

Guiding Principles

In addition to the stated aims & objectives the following Guiding Principles will also apply to all work undertaken by East-West Detox:

  1. East-West Detox is a non-commercial organisation and does not profit from the treatment of addicts.
  2. All funds are used to fulfil the stated objectives of the Trust.
  3. The Trustees of East-West Detox do not and will not benefit financially from the work of the Trust.
  4. Only programmes that do not replace one addiction with another will be endorsed by East-West Detox.